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White snake – part three

And now he had to use his own legs, and when he had walked a long way, he came to a large city. There was a great noise and crowd in the streets, and a man rode up on horseback, crying aloud, “The King’s daughter wants a husband; but whoever sues for her hand must perform a hard task, and if he does not succeed he will forfeit his life.” Many had already made the attempt, but in vain; nevertheless when the youth saw the King’s daughter he was so overcome by her great beauty that he forgot all danger, went before the King, and declared himself a suitor.So he was led out to the sea, and a gold ring was thrown into it, in his sight; then the King ordered him to fetch this ring up from the bottom of the sea, and added, “If you come up again without it you will be thrown in again and again until you perish amid the waves.” All the people grieved for the handsome youth; then they went away, leaving him alone by the sea. He stood on the shore and considered what he should do, when suddenly he saw three fishes come swimming towards him, and they were the very fishes whose lives he had saved.
The one in the middle held a mussel in its mouth, which it laid on the shore at the youth’s feet, and when he had taken it up and opened it, there lay the gold ring in the shell. Full of joy he took it to the King, and expected that he would grant him the promised reward. But when the proud princess perceived that he was not her equal in birth, she scorned him, and required him first to perform another task. She went down into the garden and strewed with her own hands ten sacks-full of millet-seed on the grass; then she said, “To-morrow morning before sunrise these must be picked up, and not a single grain be wanting.” The youth sat down in the garden and considered how it might be possible to perform this task, but he could think of nothing, and there he sat sorrowfully awaiting the break of day, when he should be led to death. But as soon as the first rays of the sun shone into the garden he saw all the ten sacks standing side by side, quite full, and not a single grain was missing. The ant-king had come in the night with thousands and thousands of ants, and the grateful creatures had by great industry picked up all the millet-seed and gathered them into the sacks. Presently the King’s daughter herself came down into the garden, and was amazed to see that the young man had done the task she had given him. But she could not yet conquer her proud heart, and said, “Although he has performed both the tasks, he shall not be my husband until he has brought me an apple from the Tree of Life.” The youth did not know where the Tree of Life stood, but he set out, and would have gone on for ever, as long as his legs would carry him, though he had no hope of finding it. After he had wandered through three kingdoms, he came one evening to a wood, and lay down under a tree to sleep. But he heard a rustling in the branches, and a golden apple fell into his hand. At the same time three ravens flew down to him, perched themselves upon his knee, and said, “We are the three young ravens whom you saved from starving; when we had grown big, and heard that you were seeking the Golden Apple, we flew over the sea to the end of the world, where the Tree of Life stands, and have brought you the apple.” The youth, full of joy, set out homewards, and took the Golden Apple to the King’s beautiful daughter, who had no more excuses left to make. They cut the Apple of Life in two and ate it together; and then her heart became full of love for him, and they lived in undisturbed happiness to a great age.


The white snake – part two

The white snake – First part

In his trouble and fear he went down into the courtyard and took thought how to help himself out of his trouble. Now some ducks were sitting together quietly by a brook and taking their rest; and, whilst they were making their feathers smooth with their bills, they were having a confidential conversation together. The servant stood by and listened. They were telling one another of all the places where they had been waddling about all the morning, and what good food they had found, and one said in a pitiful tone, “Something lies heavy on my stomach; as I was eating in haste I swallowed a ring which lay under the Queen’s window.” The servant at once seized her by the neck, carried her to the kitchen, and said to the cook, “Here is a fine duck; pray, kill her.” – “Yes,” said the cook, and weighed her in his hand; “she has spared no trouble to fatten herself, and has been waiting to be roasted long enough.” So he cut off her head, and as she was being dressed for the spit, the Queen’s ring was found inside her. The servant could now easily prove his innocence; and the King, to make amends for the wrong, allowed him to ask a favour, and promised him the best place in the court that he could wish for.

The servant refused everything, and only asked for a horse and some money for travelling, as he had a mind to see the world and go about a little. When his request was granted he set out on his way, and one day came to a pond, where he saw three fishes caught in the reeds and gasping for water. Now, though it is said that fishes are dumb, he heard them lamenting that they must perish so miserably, and, as he had a kind heart, he got off his horse and put the three prisoners back into the water. They quivered with delight, put out their heads, and cried to him, “We will remember you and repay you for saving us!” He rode on, and after a while it seemed to him that he heard a voice in the sand at his feet. He listened, and heard an ant-king complain, “Why cannot folks, with their clumsy beasts, keep off our bodies? That stupid horse, with his heavy hoofs, has been treading down my people without mercy!” So he turned on to a side path and the ant-king cried out to him, “We will remember you – one good turn deserves another!” The path led him into a wood, and here he saw two old ravens standing by their nest, and throwing out their young ones. “Out with you, you idle, good-for-nothing creatures!” cried they; “we cannot find food for you any longer; you are big enough, and can provide for yourselves.” But the poor young ravens lay upon the ground, flapping their wings, and crying, “Oh, what helpless chicks we are! We must shift for ourselves, and yet we cannot fly! What can we do, but lie here and starve?” So the good young fellow alighted and killed his horse with his sword, and gave it to them for food. Then they came hopping up to it, satisfied their hunger, and cried, “We will remember you – one good turn deserves another!

To be continued

Scariest pranks ever!

Everybody likes a good prank, right? But what about the scariest pranks ever? Sure, you laught when you see them, but what if the next scary prank targets you? You will be able to laugh then?
The good part is that pranks make us laugh, but the bad part is that sometimes the pranked could have some kind of hears disease. And when a cardiac arrest comes into place, due a “good scary prank“, who’s to blame then?


Who wrote The Bible? Cine a scris Biblia?

Printre primele întrebări legate de biblie sunt “cine a scris-o?” și “când a fost scrisă?“. Așadar, vom dezbate mai jos acest subiect.

Biblia a fost scrisă de aproximativ 40 de oameni, în decursul a 1500 de ani. nu a fost scrisă de un singur om și nu a fost scrisă în 200 de ani, după cum ar spune unii.

Atât istorici cât și arheologi de marcă au căzut de acord asupra acestor fapte. În plus, ce se spune în Biblie este adevărat. Stau mărturie scrisele atâtor istorici, indiferent de religia și credința lor.

Biblia este împărțită în două părți principale. Vechiul și noul Testament.

Primul testament prezintă lumea de la începuturi. Când era doar beznă, iar Dumnezeu a zis “să se facă lumină“. Lumina a apărut, apoi Dumnezeu a făcut pământul, râurile, oceanele, munții, animalele, flora, iar în șasea zi l-a făcut pe Adam, din lut. Apoi i-a făcut acestuia o femeie, pe Eva, ruptă din coasta lui Adam. Mai departe știm cum au evoluat lucrurile.

În noul Testament, este vorba despre viașa lui Iisus, fiul lui Dumnezeu. Încă din primul Tertament s-a proorocit venirea acestuia. Încă, când a început Iisus să facă minuni, toate în numele Domnului, evreii nu l-au socotit deloc omul lui dumnezeu, hulindu-l.

Însă, chiar în Talmudul lor se specifică faptul că Iisus a făcut multe minuni (a hrănit o ceată întreagă de oameni cu o pâine și un pește, a transformat apa în vin, a redat vedera unor orbi).

Ba mai mult, acesta s-a lăsat omorât pentru credința lui. O credință nouă, care spunea să-l iubești atât pe Dumnezeu cât și pe cei din jurul tău, indiferent că ți-e prieten sau dușman.

Mai multe puteți afla din “Biblia de studiu pentru o viata deplina“. Nu de multe ori se spune că cea mai bună carte din lume este Biblia. Este și cea mai vândută carte din toate timpurile. Ăsta da best-seller!

Doamne ajută!

English version: One of the first question about the Bible is “who wrote it” and “when it was written?“. So, here’s the history of the bible.

The Bible was written in over 1500 years, by ~40 authors. The Bible describes real events, people, places and dialogue, unlike some other relgious writings. Historians and archaeologists confirmed its authenticity many, many times in history.
Even the Coran admits that Jesus Christ existed and had done some amazing things (feeding a crowd from a fish and a bread, turning water into wine, cured the crippled and the blinds).
And because Jesus is the son of God, that makes the Bible more real than ever.

The bible itself has two main parts. The old Testament and the new Testament.

In the old Testament, we have a history of man, from the begining. When it was nothing, was pitch black. And God says “let there be light!“. And the light appears. Then, over 6 days, God create Earth, mountains, rivers, animals, trees, grass, and finally, a man, called Adam.
Then, God created Eve from Adam’s rib, to be his woman. The only thing God ask them is not to eat any apple from a particular tree.
But, a snake managed to fool eve to taste the apple.
And we all know the story from there.

IisusBut in the new Testament, a new man apears. His name is Jesus from Nazareth. And he is the son of God. Facts about his birth allready known in the old Testament.

Cornelius Tacitus (A.D. 55-120), an historian of first-century Rome, considered one of the most accurate historians of the ancient world, tells us that the Roman emperor Nero “inflicted the most exquisite tortures on a class…called Christians. …Christus [Christ], from whom the name had its origin, suffered the extreme penalty during the reign of Tiberius at the hands of one of our procurators, Pontius Pilatus….“.

Flavius Josephus, a Jewish historian (A.D. 38-100), wrote about Jesus in his Jewish Antiquities. From Josephus, “we learn that Jesus was a wise man who did surprising feats, taught many, won over followers from among Jews and Greeks, was believed to be the Messiah, was accused by the Jewish leaders, was condemned to be crucified by Pilate, and was considered to be resurrected“.

Even the Jewish Talmud, certainly not biased toward Jesus, concurs about the major events of his life. From the Talmud, “we learn that Jesus was conceived out of wedlock, gathered disciples, made blasphemous claims about himself, and worked miracles, but these miracles are attributed to sorcery and not to God“.

But we all know the truth. Jesus, the son of God is our Savior, and died for our sins on the cross.

God bless!

Quit smoking! Practical guide.

smoking-300x199Smoking kills! Everyone knows that, but few are capable to quit smoking once and for all. Mostly of them pause smoking for 2-3 months or even 1 years, but then start again, due dreams (my wife re-started smoking after having the same dream night after night – she was smoking), or because of the entourage.
Over the internet we found out a lot of “working” receipts, 100% tested and working. I dont’t tell you they are non-working, but works only on some people. Some quit smoking after intoxicating with nicotine (smoke 4-5 packs in 2 hours). This isn’t a good idea, because all that nicotine and tar, so fast introduced into your system may cause heart or breathing failure, then death.
So, without further bla-bla, i give you the ultimate smoking quitting method.

eatYou need 1 or two cigarettes, and a cracker.

Take one cigarette, rip off the filter, then EAT IT! Eat the cigarette, not the filter. If the taste is awful, eat the cracker mixed with the cigarette. After you finisged eating that (takes 4-5 minutes), then you can drink water, or beer, soda etc. Don’t drink doing eating. It will have no effect.

The explication is simple.
The cigarette has so much tar (chemical compound) that is not a good taste at all.
The tabacco from cigarettes is not the same a chewing tabacco. Chewing tabacco is more natural, but it is a awful, awful habit, worst then smoking.
After and during eating that cigarette try not to trow up.
After that, try to smoke one. The taste and the smoke will provoke you dizziness and trowing up sensation. Then, every time you try to eat a cigarette or even smell the smoke, you will get sick.

With this method i managed to hep 3 people to quit smoking. Yes, it’s hard to beging eating it, or even finish eating it, but then you will have a smoke free life.

One other method is to smoke 2-3 expired cigarettes. Some 10-20 years old cigarettes, forgotten on the closet since you were teens and hid them from your parents. That method is simmilar with the cigarette eating, because the expired one has a nasty taste as well.

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