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Top five mobs in the world

First part

japan5. Japanese Yakuza
Japanese Yakuza is a native organized crime group which uses threat and extortion to get their way. Its origin is found to be in the 17th century. A missing joint of the little finger is a tell tale sign of the gang members. This is often offered to the leader as an act of appeasement or apology. Some of the members even have full body tattoos. It has 110,000 active members in this group who are from 2500 families. They are involved in protection rackets, importing uncensored pornography from Europe and America, prostitution and in illegal immigration.

triads-24. Chinese Triads
Chinese Triads consists of many criminal organizations which are based in Mainland China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, etc. They are also very active in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver as well as San Francisco. Their organized crime involves theft, contract killing, drug trafficking, extortion, piracy, etc. It is now involved in piracy as well. They started in the 18th century but were called Tian Di Hui then. Even though it is steadily increasing in power, the activities have been low key. The triads can have 50 to over 30,000 members. They are also involved in counterfeiting Chinese currency.

colombia-drug3. Colombian Drug Cartels
Colombian Drug Cartels were formed mainly for controlling and trafficking drugs. They operate in a lot of countries. They have many organizations that deal with political, military and legal aspects of the cartels. The important cartels from Columbia are the Cali Cartel, Medellin Cartel and the Norte del Valle Cartel. At one point these cartels were threatened by the extradition treaty between the US and Columbia. The lords went into hiding and ordered its members to kill its supporters. They have also been involved in a lot of kidnappings and terrorism.

Genco_Russo2. Sicilian and American Cosa Nostra
Sicilian and American Cosa Nostra is a relatively new group. It was started in the second half of the nineteenth century in Italy. In spite of it being a young mafia, it has a great ability to plan large crimes and get away with it. It is involved in protection rackets, drug and arms trafficking, mediation of criminal business are some of the things the Sicilian and American Cosa Nostra are involved in. It has a small number of members ranging from 3500 to 4000. In addition to these members they have associates who aren’t true members. A member will have to undergo the initiation ceremony where he will probably have to murder somebody to prove his worth. Every member will have to follow the code of silence.
But latelly, the young mobsters are much, much worst then the olders. They have no honor, and some of them didn’t even follow Omerta code…

russian-11. Russian Mafia
Russian Mafia originated in the Soviet Union and now has influence all over the world. It has between 100,000 to 500,000 members. They are involved in organized crimes in countries like Israel, Hungary, Spain, Canada, UK, US, Russia, etc. They have also immigrated to Israel, America and Germany by using Jewish and German identities. Their activities include drug and firearm trafficking, bombings, smuggling, pornography, internet fraud, etc. One of their rules is to never co-operate with the authorities. If any of the members squealed when captured, they would be killed on release. They are feared for their vandalism, terrorism, organ trafficking and contract killings.

Source: Crystalkiss

Top 10 mafia gruops around the world

Googling for some pictures with serbian hooligans (they are worse, much worse then english hooligans), i found this awesome article, about the top 10 mobs.
Mafia is a type of organized crime syndicate that primarily practices protection racketeering — the use of violent intimidation to manipulate local economic activity, especially illicit trade; secondary activities may be practiced such as drug-trafficking, loan sharking, fraud and prostitution.

top 10 mafia10. Jamaican-British Yardies
Jamaican-British Yardies were Jamaicans who immigrated to Britain in late 50’s. They were mostly involved in gang violence and got known as Yardies. They conduct organized crimes like drug trade and gun trafficking. They haven’t tried infiltrating the law enforcement system so they aren’t considered to be as strong as other mafia groups. All the crimes involve the use of firearms, which is allegedly controlled in Britain.
Still, you don’t want to bump with those guys in the shadows. You might got raped, beaten or even killed.
top ten mobs9. The Albanian Mafia
The Albanian Mafia consists of a large number of criminal organizations which are based in Albania. They are active in Europe and USA as well. It is said that the Albanian mafia spread to international levels in the 80’s. Organized crime prevailed in Albania right from the 15th century. In United States and United Kingdom, they run sex and drug trafficking rackets and are known for massive use of violence for vengeance.
serbian mafia8. The Serbian mafia
The Serbian mafia operates in more than ten nations including Germany, France, United States, United Kingdom etc. They are involved in diverse activities like drug trafficking, smuggling, prostitution, contract killing, protection rackets, gambling and thefts. It has three major groups called Vozdovac, Surcin and Zemun which control the smaller groups. Presently there are about 30-40 groups working in Serbia.
israeli7. Israeli Mafia
Israeli Mafia works in a lot of countries in activities like narcotics, drug trafficking and prostitution. Times have changed as the Israeli mafia was once looked at with awe and known for its patronage but today they are ruthless and don’t think twice about killing innocent by-standers. In New York City in the late 80’s Yehuda “Johnny” Attias operated a criminal organization heavily involved in drug trafficking, making millions through importing heroin from Amsterdam and Thailand as well as hashish from Turkey. They also pulled off the biggest gold heist in the history of Manhattan’s jewellery district, getting away with over $4 million in gold jewellery. However Attias was ultimately murdered in January 1990, and New York’s Israeli mafia fell apart soon after.
ms136. Mexican Mafia
Mexican Mafia is a very strong prison gang in the United States. It was started in the late 50’s to protect prisoners against other inmates and from the officers. This gang has also been involved in extortion and drug trafficking. It has about 30,000 members all over the United States. The gang members sometimes sport a tattoo with a common design which is a Mexican national symbol over a flaming circle and crossed knives. It is said that there are 150 prison members who have the authority to command murder and 2000 associates who will execute these commands. They force gangs and dealers to pay a protection tax and the ones who refuse will be killed.

Part two

League of legends kills chinese mom?

In Gkouantziouan province, a mother discovered that the 16 years old son didn’t return to home from school, but went into a local net cafe to play League of Legends.
The crazy mom (excuse me, but to do what she did next, she’s crazy) took her son and went to Tzialingk river, where she threatened him that will put an end to her life if he doesn’t come straight home from school next day. After he wasn’t convinced about his moms threats, she jumped into Tzialingk river, just to be more convincing.

She was swept away by the currents and drowned. As the father came home short after, he kicked his boy and yell at him. The boy… jumps on the river also. Despite the searches conducted by authorities, thei body has never been found, and they are presumed dead.

So, here’s the news. In China, some crazy mom jumps on river, ar a desperate measure of stopping her kid play LOL. What happened with the good old beating the sh*t out that kid with a stick? Or a flip-flop. When i wasn’t playing attention to my mom, i got some flip flops into my back… Next to some sweet words, like “i’m very very disappointed of you!”. I tell you, one of the best ways to be listened by your kid is to say you’re disappointed of him. That works over 90% of the time.
I really know this is not to laugh, but at this kind of news, all i have to say is… LOL!
Now i’m starting a new game, despite all the massive lag i have. I really need an extra 4GB of ram.
Maybe i’ll get it before 1 august, my birthday. Wish me luck… Or i’ll trow some idiot moms into the Danube.
jax jinx

Steve Jobs’s mouse recovered after 30 years


In 2013, a team of professional relic hunters set up to find a time capsule from the 1983 International Design Conference in Aspen, Colorado. Their final goal was Steve Jobs’s mouse, used for his Apple in 1983. Originally, the time capsule was set to be dug up in 2000, but the plan changed due some legal problems with the land.

The iconic mouse comes from a Lisa computer, an Apple failure, but which paved the way for the first Macintosh assembled one year later, in 1984.
Steve Jobs’s speech was so ahead of his time (remember, the year was 1983) who spoke about personal computers, portable computers, wireless networks and much more.
Some other items buried in the time capsule include a Rubick’s Cube, a Sears catalog, and a 6-pack of beer for the guys who finally dig up the capsule.

The team of relic hunters dig up in few wrong places, but their luck changed when they met an International Design Conference participant. Along her, and with the help of two more participants, they finally find the time capsule.
They found the beer, ice as cold (buried 6 feet deep under), and the mouse was one of the last items removed from the tube (time capsule).
They cheered and toasting the great finding with that beer. Who, after 30 years, was altered.


At the seaside, we had a drunk russian slutty girl

zagarinoFive or six years ago (i think 7 years) i went at the seaside with two of my best friends. As usual i was alone, no girlfriend, but always horny as a motherf*cker. And, as usual, in the nights we got all drunk and ready to pick up slutty girls at Vama Veche, between low life drugged punks and drunk rockers. I was the only one who could mangle in that filthy crowd, i was the only “rocker wannabe” in our 3 members-group. I mean i had no long hair, no beard or mustache, no satanic t-shirt, no tattoos, just 7 silver rings (i’m so so sorry i cannot wear them anymore – i got married and the silver rings looks awful near the gold wedding ring), and a dog chain strapped to my trousers. I had a little Arnold-like haircut, and with the sunglasses i looked like a cyborg from hell. Something like Frank Zagarino in Shadowchaser.
So, the perfect unpicking outfit ever made. But I thought i looked cool and all the girls will fall at my ankles. Boy, i was so wrong!

And after a few drinks (i had a full backpack filled with booze) we went to a rave party at an open bar, 20 meters from the sea.
We keep on drinking (or at least me, my friends were much sober so they can carry me back to the tent after i passed out) and look for girls. and i don’t know what i was missing, or whatta hell i had extra, but all the girls were already combined. I see a filthy punker with 3 girls on his lap, all 4 dead drunk.
I see near me a blonde cutie, drunk as f*ck asking me for a beer.
– What? (the music was so loud).
– Beer!
– Yes, beer is good!
– I want beer! Read more

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