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Oldest marathon racer

Fauja Singh, at the ripe old age of 101, finished the Hong Kong marathon’s 6.25-mile course with a time of 1 hour, 32 minutes and 28 seconds. It was the last race for the world’s oldest marathon runner.

I will remember this day. I will miss it” he said shortly after crossing the finish line.

The Indian-born Singh, at 100, became the oldest man to run a full marathon when he finished Toronto’s waterfront marathon in 2011. Guinness World Records didn’t recognize his accomplishment because he didn’t have a birth certificate to prove his age, despite holding a British passport with his birthday as April 1, 1911. Indian government officials have said birth records weren’t kept in 1911.
I am feeling a bit of happiness and a bit of sadness mixed together” he said in a pre-race interview. “I am happy that I am retiring at the top of the game but I am sad that the time has come for me to not be part of it.

He began running at the age of 89 as a way to combat depression after his wife and son died in quick succession.

From a tragedy has come a lot of success and happiness” Singh said before the race. He also hopes his good run continues past retirement and that people will continue to invite him to events “rather than forget me altogether just because I don’t run anymore”.

So, what did you do today? Ten miles race? Or just potato coaching, as usual?

New word champion!

Ladies and gents, we have a brand new word champion! Check this out!
After a 2 hours log match, we have a new snooker champion. His name is Mark Selby.
He won the match against Ronnie O’Sullivan with the score of 18 to 14.
I’m sorry about Ronnie, but i can see he wasn’t 100% ready for the fight. He did some childish mistakes that costs him the lead (he was leading 10 to 7), and afterwards, the match.
The final took place at Sheffield, and Mark shelby won the prize of 300.000 pounds. Ronnie marked another 125.000 pounds in his account also.

I rememeber Ronnie a few years ago, in a middle of a match, he stated he’s tired and cant continue, and granted his oppenent’s victory.
Still, he is one of the best snooker player, with 5 word titles. And he’s my second favorite snooker player, after Stephen Hendry.
Good game guys. Thank you for a wonderful match!