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The Nail
nailA merchant had done good business at the fair. He had sold his wares, and lined his money-bags with gold and silver. Then he wanted to travel homewards, and be in his own house before nightfall. So he packed his trunk with the money on his horse, and rode away. Read all


The white snake – first part
snakeA long time ago there lived a king who was famed for his wisdom through all the land. Nothing was hidden from him, and it seemed as if news of the most secret things was brought to him through the air. But he had a strange custom, every day after dinner… Read all


The white snake – part who

In his trouble and fear he went down into the courtyard and took thought how to help himself out of his trouble. Now some ducks were sitting together quietly by a brook and taking their rest; and, whilst they were making their feathers smooth with their bills, they were having a confidential conversation together. The servant stood by and listened. They were telling one another of all the places where they had been waddling about all the morning… Read all


The white snake – part three

And now he had to use his own legs, and when he had walked a long way, he came to a large city. There was a great noise and crowd in the streets, and a man rode up on horseback, crying aloud, “The King’s daughter wants a husband; but whoever sues for her hand must perform a hard task, and if he does not succeed he will forfeit his life.”  Read all


Bilgewater – Act 1 – part 3
Povestea devine urâtă. Rapid. Întregul depozit e plin de Cârlige Zimțate, dar lui Malcolm nu-i pasă nici cât negru sub unghie. Un sigur lucru îl interesează și acela sunt eu. Simt că Graves e pe cale să tragă și mă feresc. Împușcătura mă asurzește. O cutie explodează fix unde eram cu o secundă înainte. Dacă nu mă-nșel, vechiul meu partener încearcă să mă omoare. Sar peste un morman de fildeș de mamut și arunc… Read all

Printul fermecat
A fost odata ca niciodata, a fost un imparat care avea mai multe fete si toate erau frumoase ca niste zane. Dar cea mai mica era atat de frumoasa, ca pana si soarele, care vazuse atatea, se oprea in loc, uitandu-se la dansa si minunandu-se de atata frumusete. La o mica departare de palatul imparatesc se intindea o padure adanca si intunecoasa, iar in padure, la umbra unui tei batran, se putea vedea o Read all

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