asphaltI just watched for the 4th time the Asphalt Tango movie, one of the greatest Romanian movies ever made.
The plot is relative simple. A married man follows his wife all around the country, as she fled her home to follow the dream for a better life in Paris, as a cabaret dancer. The year is 1995, 5 years of democracy after 40 or so of communism. So, the dream for better living is alive and kicking well. As the massive hordes of Romanians fled the country between 1993 and 1997, so is Dora, the wife from the movie. See all.


Subtitle for the new box-office hit, Captain America – The winter soldier.  See all


SABOFirst time when i heard about Sabotage, i remember of Beastie Boys song. They don’t make music like that anymore. But, we’ll cover that up on another ocasion.
Now, the movie wasn’t bad, but also, it wasn’t so great. I mean, from Arnold i have great expectations. Even in The last stand, he was “The Terminator“, the good guy putting bad guys on the ground or behind bars.
Here, he is an excellent DEA agent, but also a thief. On a raid on a cartel’s villa, he and his team snuggle 10 millions USD.
Who will notice 10 millions is missing from 200-400 millions? And here we have the first goof of the movie. See all

europeWow! That’s the word i can describe “Europa Report” movie. It’s just astonishing, mind blowing masterpiece.
I kid you not, this movie beats “Gravity” by far. It’s a combination between Gravity and Sphere.

In a near future, a team of six scientist from ESP (Europe Spacial Program – or something like that) are sent to one of Jupiter’s moons, called Europa. Europa is all covered in ice, and the main belief is that under ice is water. And, since the life on Earth, started on water, so the water on other planets are almost host for life. Read all

The Physician
the-physician03If is there any man who didn’t see yet The Physician, please go yourselves a favor and watch this masterpiece.
The first time when i catch a glimpse of the movie i didn’t like it. England, 1020 or so, no way, i’m not gonna lose 2 and a half hours for this. But when i see Ben Kingsley on the cast, i told to myself that guy never starred in a bad movie.
And i was astonished by the movie. So, here’s some résumé of it.
Is the year 1020. Rob Cole is the eldest of three children.
He and his mother worked in a coal mine. Or something like that. And in one day, his mother got sick. They called it “side-sickness“. Rob had a gift. He sense the death of a ill person, by touching the patients chest. So he descover that his mother will die soon. Read all


mobyIn the heart of the sea
Regizorul Ron Howard aduce din 4 decembrie pe marile ecrane aventura „În inima mării”, o ecranizare a best-sellerului omonim semnat de Nathaniel Philbrick despre expediţia vaporului Essex. Dezastrul maritim real l-a inspirat pe Herman Melville să scrie „Moby-Dick”. Însă cartea nu relatează decât jumătate din poveste.
În iarna anului 1820, ambarcaţiunea Essex este atacată şi distrusă de o balenă uriaşă cu o voinţă distrugatoare, aparent raţională. „În inima mării”, pe de alta parte, surprinde dezolanta imagine de după asalt şi lupta pentru salvare a echipajului captiv în mijlocul vastei întinderi de apă. Cei câţiva supravieţuitori dintr-o barcă ating limita… citește tot

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